Mutual Submission: The TP Roll

Over or under? Don’t say you don’t have an opinion because I won’t believe you. In fact, I bet some of you judge your friends by whether they go over or under. I’m speaking, of course, about toilet paper.

As you might imagine, Candace and I do some things differently. For fear of judgment, I’ll just say one of us hangs the toilet paper on the spindle so that it comes over the top and the other hangs it on so the paper comes under the roll. We both have our reasons, but that really isn’t the point here.

What’s great is that we both put it on the way we prefer when it’s our turn to replace the roll (by the way, Candace should be thankful I replace the roll at all, right??). What I’ve noticed is that Candace doesn’t change it when she discovers it’s not the way she would have done it. She just leaves it the way I put it on and I do the same for her.

It’s a small, pointless gesture in a lot of ways. But it also marks an attitude of mutual submission we try to live out in our marriage where we prefer one another above ourselves. Candace’s preference for my needs and desires go way WAY beyond TP direction and I do my best to make sure my preferences for her extend beyond the bathroom as well.

Loving each other the way Jesus loves us is to put one another’s needs before our own… submitting to one another (Ephesians 5:21ff).