Bringing In Jack

I can’t wait to write about our son. He’s already made such an impact in our growing family and Candace and I are both looking forward to what God has for all of us as the days and months and years go by. Jack is only 3 days old at this point, so there isn’t too much material yet. However, I want to start to get these thoughts out NOW. 

We spent four days in the hospital this week due to a surprise c-section. 

So many friends and family made comments to me that they were watching Twitter and Facebook for updates on how things were progressing. We both appreciated everyone’s prayers and comments throughout the process. 

I had my phone nearby for most of the week and I jotted down some thoughts as the hours went by the first two days. Below is a little baby journal of how those two days went:

Monday 5/23/11

Candace gets her I.V. I know she was really nervous and the first try failed because her vein collapsed. But despite her nerves and discomfort, she was asking the nurse how she was doing… about her family and her night. My wife is amazing. In the moment I would most expect she deserves to be focused on herself (and who would blame her?), she’s focused on others. My wife is a rock star. 

8:06 AM
Candace had the invasive part of her morning completed. She did a great job with it! The nurse is great and very helpful answering all of our questions and making sure Candace feels comfortable and confident. 

Mother-in-law is bringing coffee and I have to get a shot. So I’m doing good so far. 

12:52 PM
Candace made it to a 5. She just got the epidural. I have a newfound respect for my wife and especially her ability to deal with pain and situations she’s not excited about. In awe of her right now. 

3:00 PM
Candace isn’t progressing as quickly as the doctor would have hoped. Starting to talk about a c-section…

5:00 PM
Candace hasn’t made any progress. Rather than keep going, we’re going to go with the c-section. Also, the doctor thinks he may have underestimated the weight…… For the record, the original estimate was somewhere between 7 and 8 pounds. 

5:36 PM
Jack is born! Everyone in the OR was incredible… especially Candace. Everyone made comments about two things: he’s really cute and he’s really big. He was 9lbs, 1oz and 21” long!

I cried when I saw him and Candace and I got to enjoy watching him get cleaned up. His eyes were wide open and he was completely calm as long as they weren’t poking and proding him. 

He’s absolutely beautiful and completely healthy. We are both feeling so overwhelmed by God’s matchless grace. 

8:10 PM
Jack has latched on with no problems and is eating like crazy!!! Candace is feeling ok… better with drugs. Seeing her nurse this new young life stirs up affections in me that God had not yet stirred before. 

I’m falling more deeply in love with my beautiful wife and am head over heels for our new little son. 

9:19 PM
Jack is sound asleep being transferred between the 2 grandma’s arms. He loves to be swaddled and he doesn’t want you to touch his huge feet. He has a ton of hair, which looks blonde at the tips, and he has deep blue eyes. 

11:05 PM
Jack is clean and has been sleeping HARD. He’s waking up for more to eat. By the way, our nurse for the night shift is British. So we’re hearing lots of “lovely” and “straight away” and “poppet.”

Tuesday 5/24/11 

12:08 AM
Jack is trying to eat again. He makes a snorting noise that is absolutely hilarious. 

3:30 AM
Candace has been fantastic. I’m sort of in and out of sleep. But she’s patiently working with our boy to nurse him along. Her strength and patience make one seriously attractive combination. 

9:51 AM
I managed to make it to Peets for a quick cup of coffee. Candace is back asleep now and so is Jack. The grandmas are coming back in a while. The nurses suggested I go home for a while to rest as long as we have help. I don’t want to leave my sweetheart or my new son. But they’re probably right…

12:15 PM
The pediatrician came by to check out Jack. She said he’s absolutely perfect and everything looks really great. Candace and I feel so blessed by God to have a healthy little boy. Grace upon grace. 

5:38 PM
Candace finally had everything taken out of her (I.V., etc.). She said with a very serious face, “I’m trying not to laugh. It’s not that you aren’t funny. I’m just not going to laugh at what you say.” 

11:50 PM
Jack had his first real blowout. Up and out of the back of his diaper. He ruined 2 blankets. It begins…