She Likes To Feel Small

Lots of couples have a lot in common. Candace and I are no exception. In fact, we both tend to enjoy the same movies, a good cup of coffee and the same sick sense of humor. One thing we both love is the beach. Rain or shine, a trip to the coast is always a favorite for both of us (together and individually). But I think Candace’s affinity for the ocean points to a much deeper quality that I treasure in her.

She likes to feel small.

When a person stands on a pacific cliff and stares out at the vast and crashing water, he or she can’t help but feel little. God-fearing or not, they experience a weight of inferiority. But for the soul that is saved by and satisfied in the God who spoke those waters into existence, it’s a feeling of awe and wonder and comfort.

Candace gets her joy from being satisfied in and consumed by Jesus. She has hard days and difficult moments. She has challenges each day and unknowns in her future. However, she serves a constant God. She experiences peace that is beyond comprehension because no matter what, at the end of the day she is still with her Father, Who sits on the throne, died on the cross for her and loves her with a steadfast love.

I don’t just love Candace because of what we have in common. I love her because we have a common God who brings lasting life and joy.

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