We’re Having A Baby!!!

Candace and I have some pretty big news…. we’re having a baby!!!

After a lot of praying, “God, help us know when we should start a family.” He made it very clear. And we could not be more excited or thankful.

The baby is just about 14 weeks along and everything is looking great for both baby and mommy. We know that the miracle of life is an act of God’s grace and the health to this point is because of Him as well. We’re thankful and humbled that He would use us to bring a child into this world.

We’ll find out in January what the sex is and we will keep everyone up to date on the blog/twitter/facebook/email.

We have some good names in mind already, but it’s always amusing to hear people’s suggestions so feel free to leave those in the comments.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and your counsel. God is already doing great things in our marriage and family through this and we can’t wait to see what else He has for us in this process!

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